The Veterans' Memorial Fund

This "memorializing" fund is dedicated to preserving the legacy of veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country. With the help of a blue ribbon citizen's task force appointed in 2009 by Mayor James Thompson and the Sugar Land City Council, a plan was developed with four commemoration projects at Sugar Land Memorial Park. These projects will be situated in four distinct areas within the park. Each memorial is intended to provoke different emotions. As of 2019, three of the four commemoration projects have been completed – (1) the flag project, representing each military branch located at the entrance of the park, and (2) the Veterans’ Remembrance Tower and (3) Eagle Plaza Project . There is one remaining project - (4) “Welcome Home Sculptures” "Welcome Home” Statues at Memorial Park The Legacy Foundation plans to “Welcome Home” U.S. military personnel with a series of bronze sculptures. Statues may include life-sized military personnel and their families. Further donations will fund the development of Phase II of the Eagle Project and the installation of the “Welcome Home” statue series.


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